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Please fill out the following application to be considered for admission to the Early College Program or to participate in one of our Early College Boot Camps at Be
njamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology, now known as Franklin Cummings Tech.

If you have questions, please contact the Early College team at earlycollege@franklincummings.edu

Personal Information

A phone number you can be reached at is required.

Demographic Information: this information will never be used in a discriminatory manner.

College/Career Planning

Parent/Guardian Information

School Information


Filling out this application, the applicant should provide personal information, such as contact information, demographic, income level, gender, etc. Franklin Cummings Tech never sells or shares this information. It is only gathered to assist the school in support of the student and helps provide a more personalized experience.

The below parties agree to allow information to be shared - such as attendance and progress - between Franklin Cummings Tech, the sending high school, and those signing this application.